Xano + Google Data Studio

Hello. I use Xano as a backend to my Adalo app. However I need to make some dashboards and prefere Google Data Studio. 

I've read at multiple places that it is possible and many users manage it, but I have no idea on where to start. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get started? Or possibly someone with the skills to help me for a fee. 



  • Chris Coleman
    Chris Coleman Administrator


    Hey, Martin. Going to ping  here as I think he'll be able to provide some assistance.
  • Inayet Hadi
    Inayet Hadi Member
     For Google Data Studio if they provide a service account and your app does not need users other then you to share their data that would be the way to go. 

    I recently with the help of  got Xano working with Google's service account for Dialogflow CX and Vertex AI, if you want I can help without expecting anything, but if you want professional help because your app needs to be production ready then Ray is your man. 
  • Thank you for your kind offer. I just found a way with a json connector from supermetrics as well. Currently I'm looking into alternatives since my frontend was way to slow for production and a change of that might even force me to consider another backend than Xano. :( 

    I'll for sure let you know if I circle back to this problem. Thanks again!
  • Has anyone had success connecting Xano to Google Data Studio? Id love to speak with anyone who has done this successfully