simple query to get a set of search terms

A big challenges of a query is to get useful information from flawed user input.. The fuzzy search tool is really amazing at doing just that. But synonyms and spelling may still present challenges to users especially on mobile devices.

I would like to generate a list of words that a user could tap on their screen to concatenate a query string instead of typing words in. Optionally the user could enter a string on their own. But people are lazy or have fat fingers... whatever.

The strategy I might use creates query all records on a table having a search index that would present a list of unique WORDS found in a table. I believe there is an option for "aggregate" "to list" filter that might do the job or I can take the output and arrange it as a list and somehow extract a list of words in alphabetical order.

An example might be a user who inputs "drug addiction" and the output would generate a short list of related words / phrases a person could tap to refine their search criteria like:

1) rehabilitation

2) counseling

3) legal

4) alcohol

5) services

Xano is so powerful I'm hoping there is a way to generate results - a list of words - that are related to the original entry fairly easily.