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Hey y'all, I'm trying to get some clients off Airtable to Xano, but they really enjoy the UI of Airtable of grouping, filtering, and sorting data and editing it. They are concerned people can't handle going into Xano to edit.

Are there tools that we can connect Xano to, to allow non technical people to have that type of user experience?

Xano is far better than Airtable for scalability and power!

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  • Michael Udinski
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    Hey @Candid_Leap glad to hear you are considering moving clients to Xano!

    Xano and Airtable are two fundamentally different tools. Airtable is an interactive spreadsheet where Xano is an entire Turing-complete backend. That being said, there are some things that Airtable does far better than Xano.

    Mainly their spreadsheet user-experience with creating different views, filtering, etc., and how accessible it is. Airtable's core product is the spreadsheet. While Xano has a spreadsheet viewer with some filtering, etc. to abstract the Postgres layer - the true power of Xano comes from the Function Stack (business logic). So the full functionality of filtering, sorting, grouping data etc. is done in the Function Stack with Xano. We'll definitely improve our spreadsheet viewer over time (and have a lot of cool ideas already around this) but maybe not quite to the level of Airtable.


  • Candid_Leap
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    Thanks Michael! Totally agreed that Xano has so many more value props than Airtable. Getting my own company on Xano in January.

    We'll use Airtable and Xano in conjunction for now to solve different use cases. Really pumped!

  • Michael Udinski
    Michael Udinski Administrator


    Awesome, excited to hear how it progresses - keep us posted :)