Stripe Secure Webhook

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Secure your data sent from Stripe to Xano via webhook, following Stripe's recommended approach for manual verification described here:

If you are new to connecting Stripe to Xano, start with the Stripe Checkout template. Then, follow the instructions below to install this snippet.

Here's how to get started:

This snippet can be used with the example provided in our documentation on how to connect Stripe to Xano.

The snippet contains:

  • POST /webhooks_test: an endpoint you can use in Stripe to confirm that the webhook is successfully firing on payment and sending its data to Xano.
  • POST /webhooks_secure: an endpoint following Stripe's guideline on how to compare the signature provided in the header with a signature you create using the webhook's secret.
  • Custom function /webhooks_secure_func: a custom function you can put at the start of an endpoint to verify the webhook signature is valid.

In this snippet you can learn:

  • How to use Stripe webhooks
  • How to use Request History to easily test results from a webhook
  • How to use a table instead of Stop & Debug to check values in your function
  • How to parse the http header of a webhook POST
  • How to hash a value using HMAC There was an error displaying this embed.