Question about dynamically populating pages.

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So I recently realized that rendering data on a page from a backend like xano would result in either a nondescriptive URL path, or an uncrawlable query parameter by search engines.

For example,

(with a token)

I've created a marketplace using webflow and the CMS, which worked pretty well, but in the case of user profiles or other CMS items, I always get a new domain path for every CMS item, but then there's the 10,000 CMS limit and WF Enterprise just isnt feasible as an option. Is there any way to create a new path per, lets say, user page? I want users pages and the objects they upload (projects, showcase) to be viewable on a new domain path.

To reference an existing company, think about Their site has real domain paths for users and the content they upload. And more specifically, on their content side of things, having a path allows them to use an AJAX request to call that specific content they need which helps in load times and a better UX since the page doesn't redirect. It also gives better domain path structure.. instead of having to do things like /user-profiles?id= or /user-profiles-search. I'm also really unsure how multi-referencing "CMS pages" would work when theyre all dynamically rendered. For example, having a profile linked to projects, a showcase, skills, etc.

Am I overthinking this or is using a query parameter totally okay for building, say, something like dribbble?