Xano should really consider having an intermediary pricing plan below the launch plan. Makes a lot of sense when validating an app.



  • Hi! Overall our Build plan has sufficient capabilities to get started. Would you be able to share in detail what specifically you'd need to validate your app that Build isn't able to do?

    Thanks for letting me know!

  • Vladimir Slavinsky
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    Google validated two my Android apps with Build plan.

  • Em
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    The Build plan is good for validating functionalities, which is okay. But validating an idea goes beyond the app, especially for new/small businesses.

    You need to release it to a small group of people, who will let you know the market acceptance and penetration requirements. Initial scalability is also a validation element. With rate limitation you wont succeed in this.

    Some businesses go for months before making an idea viable (no revenues), and Launch is not friendly at all. An intermediary plan would serve this purposes to the benefit of many, then Launch will come in for a viable business ready to scale.