Looking for XANO Success Stories: Feature Your Project in a XANO-Orientated Blog Post for Free!

Hello everyone! I'm getting deeper and deeper into the XANO community and I'd like to start creating content about XANO and XANO Developers and/or startuppers using XANO to turn their ideas into digital products.

I'm creating an entire content calendar of topics. I'm sure we can find a good match that fits your project well.

What do I need?
I would like to hop on a short 15-20-minute call with you to learn more about your project, process, results, and insights.

What will I do?
I will take this short interview and turn it into a small case study that I'll include in one of my blog posts for gradyandersen.com or nocoderebels.dev.

What will you get?
This is good for you if you're:
(1) A startupper because you'll be able to get some web traffic to your startup for free;
(2) A freelancer because you'll be able to get your work promoted for free;
(3) An agency because you'll be able to get your work promoted for free.

Grady Andersen's Calendly: https://calendly.com/grady-andersen-nocoderebels/standard-meeting