1.53 (May 23, 2023)

Chris Coleman
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🚸 NEW Maintenance Panel

We've introduced a new Maintenance Panel to all paid plans enabling more control over certain maintenance operations for your Xano instance and database. Read more about this in our documentation here. If you're unsure about whether or not maintenance operations should be performed, please refer to our documentation or reach out to Support.

⏰ Inactivity Timeout

To provide a more secure experience for our users, we are introducing an inactivity timeout. This is based on mouse activity. If your mouse has not moved in any Xano tabs for 30 minutes, you will be presented with an inactivity timer and will be logged out when the timer reaches zero. You can keep your session active by simply moving your mouse.

✂️ Multi-Select Copy & Paste

At long last, we've added the following functionality to the database view:

  • Click and drag, or hold shift to select and copy multiple cells
  • Pasting multiple cells at once
  • Pasting cells from external spreadsheets, such as Google Docs

🔌 Snippet Access Control

We've introduced huge updates to Snippets today, allowing you to choose between public, unlisted, and private. Public snippets will be listed in the Xano snippet directory. Unlisted snippets will not be listed in the directory and users will need a link to access the snippet. Read more in our documentation here.

Private snippets are especially awesome, as they enable you to restrict access to your snippets only to those with an access token you generate. Even better, this access can be managed via the Metadata API, so you can generate tokens dynamically—for example, after a purchase? 😎💰️

🌏️ Improvement - 3DS Payment Verification

If your bank or region enforces additional verification when completing payments, we have updated our payment flow to accommodate for this — no more reaching out to support to renew your subscription or process upgrades! You can proceed with the additional verification yourself from the Invoices tab of your Billing screen.

🔏 Improvement - RBAC Bulk Assign

If your current plan has RBAC features enabled, you can now bulk assign and manage roles and permissions. This includes assigning the same role to multiple users at once and editing permissions for multiple team members in one swing.

📑 Improvement - Per-Branch Request History

If you are working across multiple branches, your workspace dashboard will now show incoming requests to all branches. You can toggle whether or not to show history from all branches in the Request History panel.

🐜 Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements

  • Migrating to a new instance now transfers all files in the Files library. Previously, this required files to be referenced in a database table.
  • Improvements to database columns appearing misaligned and potentially hiding data
  • No more infinite loops in Lambda functions — the defined timeout will now prevent loops from running infinitely.
  • Improvements to Branch Merge now show more detailed error messages when you have conflicts to resolve prior to merge.
  • Metadata API Requests will now show up in your Request History


  • Peter
    Peter Member

    Nice release, but…

    now I don't have any lambda running on my workspace... what's up with the lambdas?

    I tested a tiny lambda return a simple string and I still have this message :
    Promise timed out after 10000 ms

  • Peter
    Peter Member

    I think the "Inactivity Timeout" feature is not a good idea.
    I work all day with Xano and several tabs open all day. It would really getting under my skin to come back ,from lunch for example, and have all my tabs unlogged and have to find every view I was working on again...

    I think this gives one more reason, to people who do not care about security, to continue not to do so...

    So is there any way to customize this timout?

  • The update made it unavailable to access workspaces, it just keeps loading

  • Michael Udinski
    Michael Udinski Administrator


    Hi @Peter and @Mauro Mequelussi-40201,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We are sorry to hear that you've experienced issues with the new release. Our intention with these changes is always to improve the user experience and make the platform more beneficial for our customers. However, we understand that you have encountered difficulties. 

    Some instances encountered issues with Lambdas due to a memory issue, we’ve increased their power and implemented better monitoring so it shouldn’t happen again.

    Please know that our team is working diligently to resolve the concerns that have been raised. 

    We invite anyone experiencing difficulties to contact our support team directly, as the support team is equipped to provide assistance and is committed to addressing your concerns

    We appreciate your understanding and patience, and we thank you for your continued support.

    —The Xano Team

  • Pawel Magdanski
    Pawel Magdanski Member ✭✭✭

    What I experienced since the update release, is that when I want to open API, dashboard or anything from the side menu by right click and open in new tab, I'm landing on instance page. It's a minor thing, but a little bit inconvenient

  • Peter
    Peter Member

    Sincerely, I'm sorry but…
    after +1 day of use, I'm 🤯 freaking out with this new inactivity detection system... Ok,may be I have to change my way of working but if it is to lose my productivity with the tool, just need to say

    I really don't understand how in UX Design you could take such a decision to put this system in place and to set only 30 minutes. Put 2 hours, may be it would be ok, but 30 minutes is too short...

    If it was up to me I would put 4/6 hours even if I understand the essence of the process…

    Ps : I am looking for an extension to simulate the movement of the mouse on my tabs, if anyone knows of one I am interested

  • Xavier Agapé
    Xavier Agapé Member

    I would like to echo @Peter message and express my agreement regarding the 30-minute timeout duration. I also believe that it is too short, especially when working with multiple tabs simultaneously. It significantly impacts productivity.

    Since this morning, I have been logged out three times from tabs that I rely on.
    I hope it would be possible to reconsider the timeout duration to enhance the user experience.

  • Michael Udinski
    Michael Udinski Administrator


    Hi @Peter and @Xavier Agapé - The inactivity timeout was added as an additional layer of security to protect your Xano account and to conform to standards required by Xano's SOC 2 compliance certification. We understand that 30 minutes may have been too aggressive of a timeout, so we will be introducing the ability for you to choose the duration of the timeout, or potentially disable it entirely, in another update very soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve this new feature.

  • In addition to the feedback regarding the 30 minutes inactivity logout - which I second - I would like to add that the worst part of it for me is, to land on the index page and not on the page I have been before after re-logging in. If that would be the case the whole system wouldn't be so cumbersome.

  • Peter
    Peter Member

    Hi @Michael Udinski ,

    Thank you for your comment, I understand the motivation, but indeed if we had the choice to disable it entirely, it would be much more convenient.

    can't wait for the next release