Why do I have to update information in 2 separate tables every time?

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If one table is linked to the other, why do I still have to go into the other table to link the same information? Is there something I can do to change this so it works more like airtable?


  • Ray Deck
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    Can you share more about your situation? The idea behind table linking is that if A references B and you update B, subsequent queries to A that link to B via addons or joins will pull that new info from B without further changes to A.

  • Osman
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    Thanks, @Ray Deck, I'm using addons in the GET API. I think it may also be an issue with my front end, WeWeb, as when I test the API on xano I'm getting the information through the add on but it's not coming through on WeWeb. If the data is not on the main table I'm getting the data from it doesn't seem to let me select on WeWeb. I think for time being I may just need to update everything twice and work out a solution