Exporting a txt file?

I have an requirement that I must export data as a .txt file.

Is it possible to do this in Xano?
If it's not possible to do it natively in Xano, is there a workaround to export it?




  • Hello @Rory,

    Since it is a simple txt, the API on Xano can just return raw text, and your frontend can construct it into a .txt file.

  • Ray Deck
    Ray Deck Trusted Xano Expert ✭✭✭

    Yes, you can emit a plain text file from a xano endpoint. you can set the HTTP content-type header to "text/plain" using the function listed under the "utility" sub-menu. Then you just "return" the text by itself in the output - voila, you have a text file.

    We've gotten Xano to emit all kinds of file types out of its API endpoints in our work together at State Change office hours and loom-enabled forums. It's one of those hardest 5% of edge cases that make one's app special!