1.54.1 (Aug 23, 2023)

Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman Administrator


πŸš€ A new Launch plan

Here at Xano, we are always trying to make sure that what we offer meets the needs of as much of our user base as possible. Today, we're taking a huge leap to meet that goal by offering a new Launch plan with increased functionality.

This includes:

  • Included access to Branching / Merging
  • Included access to test Data Sources
  • No more paying per background task β€” one fixed rate for unlimited tasks
  • 2x performance increase for all background tasks

🏎️ Are things feeling a little more speedy?

Over the past few weeks, we've been working behind the scenes to make available new, higher performing Xano instances. This rollout is now complete! Our tests show a 40% increase in speed across the board! This is not just for the new, updated Launch plan either β€” you have this increase today, right now, no matter what plan you're on.

🀾 Ready to make the jump to the new Launch?

Just head to your Billing screen and you'll be prompted to upgrade!

πŸ€” Have questions about the updates to our plans and pricing?

View the full announcement post here, which includes some FAQs to help answer any questions you might have.

🎣 Try/Catch is here!

Try/Catch, located under Utility Functions, allows you to 'try' a function and 'catch' any errors that might occur without otherwise fully halting execution of your function stack!

Check out the video above or our documentation for more details.

πŸœβ›” Debug Log

Debug Log is another new utility function that allows you to output data or messages to a temporary log, very similar to Javascript's console log feature. This can be super useful for debugging long-running loops, larger function stacks, or just giving you quicker access to reviewing certain data points during execution.

You may have used Stop & Debug for something similar in the past; Debug Log takes this a huge step forward by allowing multiple data points to be logged without stopping execution of the function stack.

Here's the documentation for Debug Log.

πŸ“‘ CSV Stream

If you've ever had trouble processing large CSVs in your function stacks, this one is for you! 'Stream' an incoming CSV in chunks instead of all at once, allowing for super memory efficient processing of CSV data!

Check out the documentation here.

πŸ”Ž Quick Function Search

Now, when you open the Add Function panel, your cursor will focus on a search that you can use to quickly find the function you're looking for!

🚨 IP Whitelist / Denylist

Are you on an Enterprise plan? Your Security Policy Enforcement now allows for whitelisting or denying by IP address!

🌐 Static IP is now available to Launch users, and is now self-serve!

Do you need a static IP for outgoing requests? We have offered this as a value add-on in the past to our Scale users, and are excited to make this feature finally available to those of you on the Launch plan. Not only that, but this is now self-serve and you can add it at any time from your Billing screen!

This feature is super useful for those of you who are calling an external API, and that API requires you to whitelist requests from a specific IP.

πŸ”Œ New Database Connector for direct access to your Xano database!

Do you want to connect to an external service that requires direct access to your Xano PostgreSQL database? That's available now as an add-on to any of our paid plans! This also means that you can now more freely manage your Xano database externally.

Read more in our documentation here.

Misc. Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where some users would be consistently presented with 'ghost' users present in their workspace which were just duplicated sessions of their own
  • Fixed some other issues presenting erroneous 'connection lost' messages when working in Xano
  • Fixed an issue where schema updates would sometimes not populate for other users
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes deleting a record would throw an error
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Airtable import would fail
  • Applied some misc fixes to branch merging
  • Some fixes were applied to Post Process to resolve issues where some steps were not executing as expected

What else is going on at Xano?

  • Our Community Manager @Liz Anaya is hard at work on some major improvements to the community! We're super excited to see what you think.
  • Not only that, but she is also working on some in-person community events! Let us know if we should come to your city!
  • We recognize that with increased pricing to the Launch plan, this potentially applies increased difficulty to some of our users in certain regions. While we don't have specific news to share on this yet, regional pricing is coming. Stay tuned.
  • Our team is growing! You should see some new faces on the support side of things soon. Our goal is to not only provide faster support, but provide additional support coverage in more time zones.

πŸ€— Want to submit a feature request? ClickΒ here.

🎢 View the full release notes here.