Hiatus Plan

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Hey Guys! I was just presented with an offer on renewing my subscription on a "hiatus plan". I cant find any documentation on this plan but I assumed its the same plan access for a month until it tries to go back to the normal?=

Either way, looks like it locks you out of your own account. Can someone refund me for this hiatus plan and put me back on the basic plan?



UPDATE: Looks like the hiatus plan more/less parks the domain so you can save the information until you come back as opposed to allowing access and building etc. Its my fault, I thought it was some sort of "wait dont go" offer that you sometimes see for certain software. I was put back on my normal plan! Thanks guys!


  • Liz Anaya
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    Hey @JonnyNeal!

    If you need any additional help with this or have any questions about your account, don't hesitate to reach out to us by clicking 'Support' in the lower-left corner of your instance selection screen. 😁