One to one and one to many relationships

Ati Member ✭

I am building a travel aggregator site and have the following:

  1. There are multiple cruise lines with associated API's/XML's
  2. Each of them have multiple ships
  3. Each of these ships have multiple cabins (rooms) and respective types - Suite, Veranda, Classic, etc, etc
  4. There are itineraries - say a cruise from New York to Miami - it operates on multiple dates (June 15, June 22, July 8, September 10). Each of these dates has one of the above ships assigned to it (correspondingly - the brand with that ship is also assigned to it). There are times when this cruise from New York to Miami can operate more than one time on a date (but, it is because another ship is also doing the same itinerary on the same date)
  5. Each of the assigned dates (and associated ship) then has unique pricing for the categories of the rooms on that date - this is dynamic (available (yes/no), and current price)

I would like to build this in xano:

  1. Create an itinerary with day by day and if needed timing details of the itinerary - can this be done without have to have each day on a separate line
  2. On this itinerary, can I then connect a ship1 to a date1
  3. Can I also connect another ship2 to the same date1 - but it will be a different unique identifier as the date and ship together is different than the first (same) date and ship.

I would like to hire someone to create a sample case of this to verify proof of concept.