How to create user in Flutterflow/Firebase and Xano simultaneously.

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Hey everyone, I'm excited to leverage Xano for my web app but I'm a bit uncertain on how to proceed with the conundrum outlined in my question.

I want my users to only be able to sign up in FlutterFlow, but when they create their account, I want to credentials to be generated in my user table in Xano as well. So the same email and password they use for FF should login them into my web app which will use WeWeb as a frontend.

Thank you all in advance for pointing me in the right direction.


  • Hello @manaigo

    I am using FlutterFlow, Firebase, and Xano at the same time in my apps.

    The simple solution might be that when someone registers on your FlutterFlow app to have a Xano API as an action to create a user also on Xano. Also, you will need to update the password when someone reset it on Firebase using Xano API.

    So as you understand having two databases at the same time will require updating them both on every user action. Have you thought of keeping only Xano as a Backend?

    In case you need it, I have created a template FlutterFlow app that is using Xano for Authentication!

  • Ray Deck
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    A number of our members on State Change have built apps that use Flutterflow for the app front end, Firebase for integrated authentication and Xano for backend business logic. It's relatively straightforward. At a high level, one logs in with firebase, and then sends the ID token that was created by firebase back to Xano to redeem for an access token. You can verify the user's identity through the trusted token from Google using cryptographic verficiation No passwords have to ever be in Xano-land. So it definitely can be done, and we've done it repeatedly in our group.

    We have multiple video recordings on this topic - as well as going full-Xano with firebase in the state change community coming out of our office hours and several deep dive sessions we did on flutterflow specifically. If you want to learn more, check us out!