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API & Caching

I have xano db api endpoint that shows the results sort by random, I was wondering can I cache this random results with user id?
so that every time when the same person query, the sort results (sort randomly) is the same

GET API with Paging

based on the documentation, it seems like paging need to be json format input?
what if I need it to be in this format
how should I format it?

Query API with Geo

Hi, I would like to under how can I pull the data based on distance

  1.  I have input call username, which user will supply username
  2. I do a function stack to query user location based this username and I return the location data only
  3. ?
  4. I should add the return location data as part of my next query with distance eval.

now the problem is I m  not sure what I need to do in step 3, how can I convert the return location point data into something that can be eval for distance.