Bhanu Vadlakonda

Bubble <> Xano Integration


Looking for help with integrating Xano authentication in Bubble. Anyone here who’s already done that?

Magic Link Auth

Understand the team was exploring magic link auth integration, Is this going to be launched anytime soon?

Excited to join the community here!

Hey Everyone, I am Bhanu Vadlakonda, based in Singapore. 

I have been enjoying Xano the moment I discovered it and yet to extract the full potential it offers. 

I am currently working on 2 products powered by Xano - Matter & Gyftbook. 

I am passionate about no-code and believe that every organisation will soon pick it up as a must have skill to fast track their execution and Xano is well placed to help companies achieve that quickly. 

Looking forward to interact with the community and share my learnings along the way!
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