€mmanuel A. Simon

Chronic tinkerer with gnoquode makeritis.
looks exciting...keep us informed of your experience as you experiment.
 Daniel Rjeili   David C.   Bildr team mentioned yesterday that the integration is ready and should be released by next week. 
 Michael Udinski  but is there a work around in the mean time?
I'm trying to cram CSS so I can understand how to style in bildr. But I will admit webflow has me watching their training videos with envy
quite a few of us are interested in this integration. Right  Steve Stava   Michael Udinski  ?

Have you begun work with Bildr yet  David C.  ?
 JJ  i rememebr that...  just signup for a demo.  did you check it out?
I'm planning on going with http://bildr.com.  In terms of responsive... you should also check out http://uibakery.io and I want to say http://Draftbit.com also