Favorite or Unfavorite Board

I'm trying to query all my boards and separate the one's that our favorited by the user versus unfavorited using a heart icon. I'm not quite sure how to set this up in the function stack for my db query. I think I need a conditional statement that when the condition is true it will use a heart_fill icon and when its false (or unfavorite) will use a heart_stroke icon.

I'm pretty confident this logic requires an if/then statement, but I'm not sure if my true or false expressions are setup correctly to achieve the desired result. It's giving me an error about the favorite variable, but I don't want to return that. I want it to simply evaluate to true (or false) in the expression, so it can pull the correct image on the front end (bravo studio) using the correct endpoint.

Random sort Add-on decorators

I'm trying to random sort a couple table reference fields in my queried table. I believe I have the add-ons setup correctly with random sort, but when I query the main table (with the add-on decorators) it returns the json in order. This makes sense for the "boards" themselves, but I would expect the "Tops" and "Bottoms" to be returned randomly within each JSON object?