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Grouping and counting in Xano

We have a requirement to produce a report which shows a list of Users grouped by City. The report displays a count of Users per City and is sorted in descending order of count.  This data is available from an API.

Report example:

City | Number of Users
Bristol 43
Liverpool 39
Chester 25

We can product a report like this in JavaScript, but I'd much prefer to do this in Xano.  

Would it be possible?



Hi how do I send in a support request by email?  I want to ask a question regarding my client's data and prefer to not share that in the community.
The Support link in the bottom left corner does not work.
Inside a Workspace, the Support Chat link doesn't work and there is no link for sending an email.
Is there another way?

Rate Limiting question

Hi guys

I wanted to update from Starter to Essential, because on the pricing page, Essential is not rate limited.  However, on the Billing - Upgrade info page, the info states that the rate is limited:

3 workspaces
Unlimited APIs
Unlimited Records of data
5GB of media storage
Video and file attachments
1 Background task (limited)
Shared hardware resources
** Rate limited

PS The support link on the main Xano page isn't working. 

Login hack / spam prevention

Hi we want to prevent the usual bot and hacking attacks on our login and sign-up forms.  We are considering using the honeypot fields approach, e.g.

However, my developer asked if Xano has a ready made solution for this?

Thanks, Tony

UI issue

Not so much a bug, but... I have a data table with 13 columns.
This means I need to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.  Two issues:

  1.  It's very thin and it's not easy to drag it 
  2.  If I click above it, the table is populated with a new record

Returning a response code

When we update data in a form, we would like to display a message indicating whether the update was successful or not. 

So, we need to return an http status code as well as the data of the record we updated.  How would I do that? 

I searched in the documentation. There was a screen shot with the message "The response for any Xano API is fully customizable."  

Thanks, Tony

Export to PDF

Hi does anyone have a recommendation for generating PDF output from Xano?