Jose Pozuelo
Owner of a Dark kitchen restaurant. Previously worked as Head of Data for a fintech and ops/strategy consultant. Really enjoy the ideation and early execution phase, so feel free to contact me if you need someone to bounce ideas off.

Setting up an API call with child objects

Hi Everyone! I am pretty new to Xano, and I am trying to integrate a couple of different restaurant ordering systems to have all the data in one place and create some internal tools. 

One thing that I still don´t know how to approach are the modifications to the automated API endpoints. I would like to create an endpoint where to POST an Order, you have to also include the Products associated with the Order, and the modifiers associated with each product. 

Example of the data structure:

        "count": 1,
        "orders": [
                "instructions": "",
                "coupons": [],
                "tax_list": [],
                "missed_reason": null,
                "billing_details": null,
                "fulfillment_option": null,
                "id": 200152932,
                "total_price": 7000,
                "sub_total_price": 7000,
                "tax_value": 0,
                "persons": 0,
                "latitude": "9.859516015638729",
                "longitude": "-83.92034103847655",
                "client_first_name": "Prueba",
                "client_last_name": "Prueba",
                "client_email": "",
                "client_phone": "+50686176848",
                "restaurant_name": "Stripz",
                "currency": "CRC",
                "type": "pickup",
                "status": "accepted",
                "source": "admin",
                "pin_skipped": false,
                "accepted_at": "2020-12-10T22:48:12.000Z",
                "tax_type": "NET",
                "tax_name": "Sales Tax",
                "fulfill_at": "2020-12-10T23:03:12.000Z",
                "reference": null,
                "restaurant_id": 210093,
                "client_id": 12763649,
                "updated_at": "2020-12-10T22:48:12.000Z",
                "restaurant_phone": "+506 6243 5870",
                "restaurant_timezone": "America/Costa_Rica",
                "company_account_id": 878350,
                "pos_system_id": 22017,
                "restaurant_key": "mBvryF5xquMZz6r1p",
                "restaurant_country": "Costa Rica",
                "restaurant_city": "San José",
                "restaurant_zipcode": null,
                "restaurant_street": "300m sur de la iglesia de guadalupe",
                "restaurant_latitude": "9.944473727180936",
                "restaurant_longitude": "-84.05159977452162",
                "client_marketing_consent": true,
                "restaurant_token": "320",
                "gateway_transaction_id": null,
                "gateway_type": null,
                "api_version": 2,
                "payment": "SINPE Móvil",
                "for_later": false,
                "client_address": null,
                "client_address_parts": null,
                "items": [
                        "id": 266775948,
                        "name": "3 Stripz",
                        "total_item_price": 7000,
                        "price": 3500,
                        "quantity": 2,
                        "instructions": "",
                        "type": "item",
                        "type_id": 6132528,
                        "tax_rate": 0,
                        "tax_value": 0,
                        "parent_id": null,
                        "item_discount": 0,
                        "cart_discount_rate": 0,
                        "cart_discount": 0,
                        "tax_type": "NET",
                        "options": [
                                "id": 255432791,
                                "name": "Rosada pimienta",
                                "price": 0,
                                "group_name": "Elegí 1 salsa",
                                "quantity": 1,
                                "type": "option",
                                "type_id": 6099299