Issues with uploading/creating data


I'm having the following issues, I've been trying to fix for hours but no success. Any help will be really appreciated.

  1. Β Whenever I select an enum value from the dropdown on a table, it isn't saved. even when it says "saved" at the bottom, when I refresh the page it is gone. Image attached of an example, it said saved at the bottom, then it disappeared and is empty again.ο»Ώ
    ο»Ώ2. I can't seem to upload a date correctly from Adalo to Xano. When I use a text field for the date, it works (kinda). For example, I submitted a date from Adalo to Xano of 10/10/2017, in Xano's text field it says 4 years ago, which is somewhat correct. However, when I submit the same data to a timestamp field, it's incorrect. It says dates in the 1990s. I think I need to add a function to convert it? I saw the youtube video about timestamps and tried converting it, but it didn't work, see pictures: (added as link because now the pictures are not uploading directly on the forum for some reason)

    Thanks for any help!