Outseta Integration Questions

Hello! A few questions for anyone who has used the Outseta + Xano extension.....

* When a new user is created in Outseta, will Xano be updated automatically? I was expecting that new users would appear shortly after being created in Outseta. What I've seen instead is a new user doesn't appear in Xano until after logging into my website for the first time. (The closest confirmation I've found in support of this is at around the 5:25 mark in the Xano - Outseta video)

* When a user is updated in Outseta, does Xano know automatically? I had expected Xano to be updated, but haven't seen it happen.

Thank you!

What happens with extensions when one upgrades?

Hello Xano Team! 👋

When changing billing plans, I understand that endpoints change (Thanks to  Michael Udinski  for the heads up.)

I did expect that the Outseta extension would still be installed. It doesn't seem to be there anymore.

In my space, I have an option to "get" it.

As an additional test, I've created new users in Outseta and they are not showing up in my user table in Xano.

Should I install again or is there another approach?

Thank you.

Monday not listed as an Office Hours Day

From looking at the Calendly link for Office Hours, it looks like Mondays are a regular day for Office Hours. However, the Dashboard only lists Tuesdays and Thursdays.

PostgreSQL: tsquery

Are there any plans for adding support for 'tsquery' to support keyword searching?

Thank you!

PostgreSQL: &&

Are there any plans to add the '&&' array 'overlap' operator?

Looking for a way to tell if any of the elements of array1 exist in array2 without doing joins.

Thank you!

Has anyone implemented a hierarchical category system?

Looking for advice.... How can one implement a hierarchical category system where one can search for items in the parent category and match all items in any of the child categories?


| -> Hats
     | -> Baseball Cap
     | -> Fedora
     | -> Stetson
| -> Jackets
     | -> Bomber
     | -> Denim
     | -> Windbreaker

Here are some of the things I want to be able to do....

(1) I want to give the user the ability to select "Hats" and get all hats regardless of whether they are baseball caps, fedoras, or Stetsons.

(2) If the user selects "Clothing," then the user will get all items in each of the above listed child categories. 

(3) If the user selects just denim jackets, only denim jackets are returned and not other types of jackets or clothing.

Thank you!

Bad link in latest changelog

At the end of the latest changelog entry, the link to the community forum shows as community.xano.com, but goes to www.community.xano.com when clicked.

Xano - Memberstack Integration


I had copied the Webflow - Memberstack - Xano template awhile back, but have had trouble using it to move data for new members through the systems. After editing the "memberstack_member" query, I upgraded what I had from the marketplace today. I think I now have Version 6.

Assuming that the update was successful, I am still unable to see the Webflow ID populated in Memberstack.

As an experiment, I set up a Zap that fires off when a new member is created in Memberstack that moves data between Memberstack, Webflow, and Xano. Using the zap, I am able to populate the Webflow Member ID field in Memberstack.

I don't think this is a field naming / matching issue.

I do wonder if there is an issue with API versions??

It looks like Xano is using v.1 and Zapier is using 1.2.1 of the Memberstack API. (I'm also not sure if 1.2.1 is the most recent version.)

If it is not a versioning issue, any other suggestions?

Thank you.