Holiday Feature Rollout 🎁 - Day 3: Upgraded Set Filter powered by Xano Transform

Hey Xano Community! The holiday release is coming to an end; let's recap:Β 

✨ We introduced the new Expression data type to help you quickly build complex expressions. 

πŸ” Our GET filter got a boost with Xano Transform, unlocking a new, powerful syntax for data parsing and retrieval.

Any guesses on what’s next? πŸ€”

We are rounding it all up by supercharging our SET filter. πŸš€ Now, you've got even more syntax at your fingertips to masterfully manipulate and transform your data. Like the updated GET filter, the SET filter gives you superpowers for working with objects, arrays, and conditionals. 🦾

Ready to get started? Check out this video tutorial:

🎁 The 3-day holiday feature rollout comes together to bring you the full Xano Transform Engine via:

πŸ“š Check out the Xano Transform Engine docs HERE.

We're excited to see the power of Xano Transform in our users’ hands. Let us know how you're leveraging Xano Transform, and tag us in any questions.

We hope these features make your holiday season even brighter! 🌟